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male chiropractor doing neck adjustment in the medical office

Chiropractic care is a method chosen by people seeking complementary/alternative health care for acute and chronic conditions without covering the problem with medicine or surgery. A chiropractor can help relieve pain in the lower back, treat sciatica, neck pain, whiplash or headaches and ensure a partnership with you to ensure optimal health and wellness

Here are 5 reasons to choose us!

Faster Healing Time

Here at Herndon, we are more concerned with our patients getting better, faster. Because we believe this, we have a streamlined process that has been proven to work.

Knowledge of Techniques

We specialize in several techniques and we use the latest equipment to help rid you of your pain. From our standard adjustment to our cold laser therapy, we can assure you that we have the right treatment for you and we know how to implement them.

Relief of Headaches/Migraines

Most migraine sufferers will resort to medication to help relieve their pain. Migraine medication can leave you groggy or make you sleep the day away. Chiropractic care is another alternative that can help with migraines. Studies have shown that chiropractic care can reduce episodes and the amount of medication taken.

Patient-focused Care

Our patients are our number one priority. We treat you like members of our family. We listen to your needs and deliver your care based on your needs.

Hours and Location

We made our hours flexible to accommodate your busy schedule. We remain open until 8 PM, so there is still time to make your appointment after work. Our office is in a convenient location in Tupelo, MS.

Engage in Healthy Living

For some, chiropractic offers relief from pain. For others, it’s about feeling and
looking good. Call today and see what chiropractic can do for you!